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Greg has been a member of the CRCC since 2006, when he and his wife Pat began coming to the Colorado RIver area to vacation from California. In California, Greg and Pat were members of the Santa Clarita Valley CC, where Greg served in many capacities including Activities Board, President and Chairman of the Board.  Greg has served on the Board of Directors for the CRCC since 2014, beginning with the Activities Committee.  In 2016, he was elected as Vice President and also served as Community Liaison.  In 2017, with the unexpected passing of the CRCC President, Greg was appointed as President Pro Tem for the remainder of the term of office.


One day out of the blue, Greg’s wife Pat said, “I want a Corvette”…the rest is history. Greg and Pat have owned 6 Corvettes, with their first one being a 1986 White C4 with Red Interior, and their most recent, a 2012 Supersonic Blue C6 Grand Sport Coupe.  You can’t miss President Greg’s car…it’s the one that sports the NY Yankee logo on the side…his wife is a diehard Yankee’s fan!

Contact Greg at: or 661-373-3704




Steven was elected as Vice President in 2017, and also serves as Activities Director for the CRCC.  Steven and his wife Debbie have been members since 2016.  Steven’s love for Corvettes began with his first Corvette, a 2003 Coupe Anniversary Edition and since then he and Debbie have owned 4 Corvettes, with their latest addition, a 2015 Torch Red Z06!  When Steven is not enjoying driving "Rocket Power", his Torch Red Z06, he loves serving in his church as a Life Group Leader, leading small group studies.


Contact Steven at: or 909-578-7000

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Jack joined CRCC in 2014, after relocating from California.  He too was a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club. Currently he serves as the CRCC’s Treasurer, a position he has held since joining the club in 2014.  Jack’s first Corvette, a 1987 Dark Red Convertible was purchased with some of the money he saved when he quit smoking in 1999.  Instead of spending the money to buy cigarettes, Jack, put the money aside and along with other savings, paid cash for his first Corvette.  Jack and his wife Pat have owned 3 Corvettes since that first one, and currently drive a 2012 Torch Red Coupe. Jack loves to drive…not only his Corvettes, but also for his job as a former trucker. He has traveled to 49 of the 50 States in the U.S., with Maine the only one still on the bucket list. (No he didn’t drive to every State he has visited, but he did drive to a lot of them!)

Contact Jack at: or  661-505-5777




Carol and her husband Vince joined CRCC in 2016.  Growing up in Indiana, she attended Indiana State University and in 1999 she and Vince came to Bullhead City to get married at the Amore Wedding Chapel, and in 2016 they moved back after retiring.  Sadly just one year after moving here Vince passed away, but not before convincing Carol to keep their 2001 Pewter Corvette Convertible, enjoy driving it and remain a member in the club.  It's not the same without Vince, but Carol has become an integral part of our club, and has become the "unofficial leader" of the Kingman member of CRCC.  Little by little she has continued to step up and take on new roles and responsibilities and this term, she was elected Secretary for CRCC, and will be a great addition to the Board.

Contact Carol at or 928-727-9359




Jim and his wife Louise joined CRCC in 2018.  Both very active members of our community, they purchased their first home in Bullhead City in 1982.  Jim was President, Vice President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Mohave County Airport Authority for 21 years, a Bullhead City Councilman and a Mohave County Supervisor.  He and Louise have always loved the community and all the great people that live here. Sadly, Louise passed away this past year 2020 and will be greatly missed by her CRCC family and the community she loved so much.

Jim has owned four (4) Corvettes since his first purchase in 2005 and currently drives a 2016 Z51 Velocity Yellow Coupe.

Contact Jim at or 928-716-3279 




Steve has been a member of the CRCC since 2015. As our Membership Officer since 2017, Steve loves to tell local Corvette owners about the CRCC, and has played an integral part in the amazing growth of our club, doubling in size between 2016 and 2018.  Steve loves Corvettes, owning 5 to date, starting with a l998 Pewter Coupe.  He and his wife Cathy currently drive a 2019 Ceramic Matrix Grey Grand Sport.  A road captain for the club, Steve says, “I love doing club road trips as long as I can stay away from roundabouts!"…an inside joke known to those who have traveled with Steve on road trips!

Contact Steve at or 928-278-7528




Joining the Board in September 2019 is Anita Reese who will take over as Quartermaster for the Club.  Anita and her husband Tim have been members of CRCC since 2015 after moving from CA where Anita served on the Hospitality Committee for the Simi Valley Corvette Club.  After many years enjoying their 2002 C-5 Black Convertible which was their 1st Corvette, Anita and Tim have a new addition to their family to keep their C-5 company...a 2019 C7 Shadow Grey Metallic Grand Sport. 


Anita says: I’m first generation born in the U.S. from Austria and can speak German.  Tim and I have participated in five different Corvette clubs and one British Car club. We’ve driven our C-5 from California to New York and back.  We love to cruise and have enjoyed over 20 cruises . . . and I love clothes!   Sounds perfect for a Quartermaster to love clothes...what do you think?

Contact Anita at or 1-805-551-0094




Marvene and Rick joined the CRCC in 2015 in addition to their membership in the Tire Town CC in Akron, Ohio.  Not one to sit idle, Marvene starting immediately serving the CRCC by creating our Facebook page to highlight the many events and activities enjoyed by the Club.  In 2017, when the idea of a Newsletter came up, Marvene took on the challenge and with each edition, enhanced her creative skills and brought more and more excitement about the club, showcasing the CRCC through pictures and fun stories. When not on the road in their 2006 C6 Daytona Sunset Convertible, you can find Marvene at her computer working on another fabulous edition of the newsletter! Never heard of the name Marvene?  A unique name for a unique lady, her name came from her grandfather, Marvin Eugene and today can be found in baby books as the feminine version of Marvin Eugene…a fun fact you probably didn’t know!

Contact Marvene at, or 702-298-1810 or





Bob has been active in the Club since 2009.  Bob loves to race his Torch Red '97 Coupe, which is also his first Corvette.   He can also be found in December wearing his Santa suit; the most authentic Santa ever!  You might also have seen Bob's "Alter Ego...Roberta" at our annual Relay for Life, where  Bob has graciously participated in the Miss Relay Contest, winning the title of "Miss Relay" in 2017, raising over $300 for the cause!

Contact Bob at 714-488-9862



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Debbie has been a member of the CRCC with her husband Dave since 2016.  Together they are “affectionately” known as “Double D”, a name given to them by another club member when calling them on the CB on their first Club road trip.  The name and the CB handle stuck!  In 2017 Debbie took on the role of Webmaster for the Club and says, “Although it has had its challenges especially when you are learning as you go, it has been a fun experience”. Creating a fun, professional and inviting website that will not only keep our members informed, but create interest for potential members, is Debbie’s goal.  Buying their first Corvette in 1977, Debbie & Dave have owned 4 Corvettes.  A 2017 C7 Sterling Blue Metallic Coupe is their current ride, but the 1977 will always hold a special place in Debbie’s heart as it was their first Corvette and “her” daily driver.

Contact Debbie: or 928-716-8361

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Regina and her husband Frank have been a part of the CRCC family since 2018.  "Moose" and "Moose's Wife" as they are sometimes referred to (short for Musumeci) have been active members of the club getting involved from the start.  Currently in addition to Regina's role as FB Celebration Secretary where she has the fun job of tracking the birthdays and wedding anniversaries of all our members and sharing wishes on our FB page, they are both part of the Activities Committee helping to plan fun events and excursions for our members.  In 1969 Frank ventured into the Corvette world, purchasing his first Corvette, before marriage and children changed all that. Retired now, their current "ride" is a 2016 Laguna Blue Coupe .   One of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet, and full of spunk, Regina is a fabulous cook, has kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland and yep, fairytales do come true...she married her kindergarten classmate!

Contact Regina at or 1-928-279-3791