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The National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc. (NCCC) was founded in the United States as an all volunteer, non-profit organization in 1959 by a small group of Corvette owners/enthusiasts! In 2009 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary and look forward to many more years of fellowship. The purpose of NCCC was (and still is) to promote interest in Corvette ownership and operation, to publish information on the use and operation of the Corvette and to establish an organized effort to encourage others to participate in the enjoyment connected with the use and ownership of the Corvette ~ America's Sports Car!

In the early days, the number of Clubs was rather small with all of the them being located East of the Mississippi. Today, there are about 250 Clubs in 16 Regions both East and West of the Mississippi! The membership in NCCC is comprised of more than 19,000 Members and is the largest non-profit, all volunteer Corvette organization in the United States! Come join us!!

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                                NCCC President's Message
                                       November 2022

November and the calendar keeps marching on. The ghosts and goblins got all of the candy in our neighborhood and most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. It must be that time of the year!

In just a couple weeks, the last NCCC Governors meeting of 2022 will be held in St Louis. Among the other usual business, the results of national elections and by-law proposals will be announced. Voting ends Nov 9th – ask your cub Governor if he or she has voted. It’s very important.

It’s again time to look at options for our NCCC business meetings beginning in 2025. If you or your club would like to make a proposal, get in touch with our Business Manager, Allen Morris. He can give you all the specifics such as number of hotel nights needed, meeting room requirements, required airport access, etc.

The 2023 NCCC annual convention is being planned for June 25th through June 30th in Bowling Green, KY. You don’t want to miss it! Registration will open February 1st – look on the NCCC web site for a link and for the latest information. As you probably know, tours of the GM Corvette Assembly plant are now open and you will be able to make this part of your week long convention experience. The usual array of parties, tours, and competitive events will be available as well as the almost never ending hospitality room. This marks the 70th anniversary of the Corvette and of course we will have a 70th birthday party with a key note speaker. Mark your calendar now.

There is one remaining Board of Directors meeting for the National Corvette Museum. I look forward to representing NCCC at that meeting and I’ll share any highlights and news with you. NCCC continues to be a strong supporter of the NCM and that only happens with your support. For opportunities to be involved with the NCM, look at this: https://www.corvettemuseum.org/support.

It’s that time of year when many of us are putting the Corvettes away for the winter. I know some of you are lucky enough to live in a year round Corvette friendly environment and I know that there are still a few competitive events left this year. Enjoy whatever time you time you can with your Corvette and most importantly your Corvette family.

That’s all for now, stay safe, and...
Save the Wave!

Dale Samuelson
President NCCC

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