2019 Shadow Gray Grandsport

              She's a beauty!!

Red and Blue Fireworks
Red and Blue Fireworks
Larry & Debbie

Our own Bob Schoonover receiving his plaque from JB Hunt for reaching "2 Million Miles" on the road!  What an accomplishment...Way to go Bob!                                                Congratulations!!!

Red and Blue Fireworks
Red and Blue Fireworks

       "2 Million Mile Man"

What a year 2020 has many events were cancelled due to COVID-19, but through it all we managed to still have fun and "rack up" some events and mileage in our Corvettes...

Congratulations to our 2020 CRCC Award Winners Shown Below

Heading 2

Event Winners

Tim & Anita Reese - Bullhead City/Laughlin

                              29 Events 

Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen -Ft.Mohave 

                       22 Events

Bob & Laurie Glass - Kingman 

                        23 Events

Picture unavailable

Jim & Jackie Hanson - Lake Havasu City


Roadrunner Mileage Awards

Heading 2

Bob & Laurie Glass - Kingman

                   1101 Miles

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss - 2125 Miles

             Bullhead City/Laughlin

Jim & Jackie Hanson - Lake Havasu City

                         1791.3 Miles

Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen - Fort Mohave

                        1832.8 Miles

The Next Top 10 Highest Roadrunner Mile Winners from all 4 areas:

Tim & Anita Reese - 1578 Miles

Steve & Irma Karam - 1377 Miles

Bob & June Beynon - 1350 Miles

Cliff & Trish Scrivner - 1306 Miles

Dave & Debbie Dorman - 1226 Miles

Lylle & Kris Smith - 988 Miles

Larry & Debbie Jenkins - 982 Miles

Tami Korte & Don McCord - 955 Miles

Ron Brown - 895 Miles

Brent & Rae Thomas - Mileage to follow

Congratulations on 20+ years as a Member of the Colorado River Corvette Club!

DSCF8720 (2).jpg

Joanie Barber     25 years

      Charter Member

Colorado River Corvette Club Members with 10+ years!

Greg & Pat Attl   12 years


Bob & Barbara Rich - 13 years


Bob Schoonover   -  11 years


Kevin & Gloria Gilson - 12 years

Jim Raymond    11 years


dscf6186 (2).jpg

Other Members with 5 or more years in the Colorado River Corvette Club:

Howard & Babara Foss - 9 year

Judy Winner - 8 years

Bob & Laurie Glass - 7 years

Jack & Pat Walker - 6 years

Steve & Cathy Barajas - 6 years

John Masse - 5 years

Richard & Diana Sheriff - 5 years

Scott & Marilyn Davis - 5 years

Tim & Anita Reese - 5 years

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss - 5 years

Scott Montgomery - 5 years

JoAnn Leeming - 5 years

Dick & Horacene Daugird - 5 years

Lee & Sandra Test - 5 years

Dave & Debbie Dorman - 5 years

Congratulations to our 2019 CRCC Award Winners shown below

Debbie Dorman

The President's Award 

Because of her strong leadership, commitment, unselfish dedication, and support to the Colorado River
Corvette Club, it is my pleasure to present this year’s President’s Award to one of this clubs most
“inspirational” and “cherished” members…

Sandra Test

Volunteer of the Year



For her “valuable and selfless” commitment, dedication, and contributions made for the“betterment” of the organization. In appreciation for her countless hours, dedication and devotion to the Colorado River Corvette Club.  She“brings a smile” every time she arrives, sharing it freely with everyone inside

dscf6187 (2).jpg

 Event Champion Awards  2019


1ST PLACE        John & Bonny Meyers                37  Events

2ND PLACE       Paul & Beth Hensel                    31 Events


                            Nancy McFadden/Tami Korte                  30 Events

                            Bob & Laurie Glass                                  30 Events

                            Bob  & June Beynon (Bob not shown)    30 Events

Roadrunner 2019  Mileage Awards

What makes an Official Road Trip event for this club?  

1.  Takes five (5) Corvettes to be an Official Road Event

2.  They are 1 or more day events

3.  Trips are outside of the BHC, Kingman or Lake Havasu areas

4.  Road Captains are not eligible for this award

dscf6188 (2).jpg

John & Bonny Meyers                                           4,475 Miles

Lee & Sandra Test                                                 3,128 Miles

Bill & Betty Vlahos (not shown)                           2,986 Miles

Bob & Laurie Glass                                               2,895 Miles

Bob & June Beynon ((Bob not shown)                 2,636 Miles


                                          2019 “Activities Team”

                                 What a group! 
We certainly appreciate all of them and their hard work putting together “creative events” and “runs” all year long.

Carol Dwyer – Encyclopedia of ideas  (not shown)

Bob and June Beynon – Wreaths Across America Committee

Beth and Paul Hensel – Toy Drive and Veteran Wreaths Committee

Sue Glennon – Xmas Wreaths Committee

Jim and Jackie Hanson – Sock Hop Chairman

Art and Linda Shreve – Hotels and all the “extras” for our Xmas Party

Ken and Linda Chandler – Havasu Veteran Parade Commitee (not shown)

Tim and Anita Reese – Pismo Road Trip

Marvene and Rick Powers – Colorado Utah Trip

Larry and Debbie Jenkins – Kingman events


               2019 ROAD CAPTAINS / TAILGUNNERS


It takes weeks to put trips together if not months. The Road Captains, and Tailgunners this year did a GREAT job on ALL of our road trips logging close to 18,000 SAFE miles. They are:


ROAD CAPTAINS                            TAILGUNNERS

Greg Attl                                              Lee Test

Steven Lynn                                         Paul Hensel

Steve Barajas (not shown)                 John Meyers

Jack Walker                                        Tim Reese

Rick Powers                                        Wayne Hinrichsen

Tim Reese


A big “thank you” to all of them!

dscf6178 (2).jpg

                              2019 Board of Directors 

         For their commitment, dedication and support

Greg Attl-President, Steven Lynn-Vice President, Jack Walker-Treasurer, Marvene Huss-Secretary, Scott Davis-Governor, Steve Barajas-Membership Director (not shown), Debbie Dorman-Webmaster,

Bob Schoonover-Sargeant at Arms,Anita Reese-Quartermaster,

Norma Barker-Past Quartermaster (not shown), Pat Attl and

Cathy Barajas-Quartermaster Team (Cathy not shown)