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It's with a heavy heart to report the passing of our dear friend and Corvette Club member Betty Vlahos.  Betty passed away peacefully on July 24th.


Betty was an extremely sweet person to know and always had a smile on her face.  Known as "pooh" to Bill, her caring husband and best friend, they traveled everywhere together and enjoyed many of our Corvette runs throughout Arizona Colorado, Utah and New Mexico in their 2004 Metallic Red Coupe. 


One story that sticks with me is the time Bill and Betty hit a deer on the road coming back from one of our road trips.  The deer suddenly appeared crossing the road crashing into Bills Corvette and causing a lot of damage.  The fun part of the story is he drove home with the deer's fur still stuck in the engine hood.    


Bill and Betty have been members for five (5) years joining our club in April 2018.  Betty had a soft voice, a beautiful smile, a wonderful sense of humor, and most of all loved her glass of wine wherever she went.  

They were a private couple who loved each other very much, and when you saw them in public, you would think they were on their first date the way they looked and acted toward one another. 

She will be sorely missed.


Our thoughts and prayers go to Bill and their beautiful family at this difficult time.

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Vlahos smiles.JPG
IMG_2666 (2).JPG
Vlahos Bill Betty.jpg
Congratulations to our 2022 CRCC Award Winners Shown Below

Jack Walker
The President's Award 

Joining the Colorado River Corvette Club in 2014, he has always been black and white and he’ll tell you straight up how he’s feeling, or how, and what he thinks. His opinions are valued, and he's certainly not afraid to speak up.   He has played a major role volunteering on many committees, and helping out whenever asked, serving on the Board of Directors for the past eight (8) years as Treasurer. His watchful eye on expenses has given the club the flexibility to enjoy yearly events, as well as support charities and organizations that need help during the year, and in November, when we give back to our local communities.  Doing it “His Way”, and since the beginning, we are thankful for his leadership, commitment, dedication and support to the Colorado River Corvette Club. It is with great pleasure tonight for me to present this year’s President’s Award to my friend and my “Wingman”, for the past 18 years…. 

Club Events/Participation Awards

dscf1496 (2)_edited.jpg

Mark & Patti Keller-Lake Havasu City 
                             22 Events

dscf1497 (2).jpg

Bob & Chris Roethler-Kingman
                             36 Events


         Rick Powers & Marvene Huss
                       38 Events


Roadrunner Mileage Awards


Steve & Lauree Smith  - Lake Havasu City
                       1,855.8 Miles


Tim & Anita Reese - Bullhead City
                 3,449.0 miles



Bob & Chris Roethler - Kingman
Grand Champions - 5,267.3 miles

The Next Top 10 Highest Roadrunner Mile Winners from all areas:

Bob & Laurie Glass - Kingman

Steve & Cathy Barajas - Fort Mohave

Dany Billings & Yvonne Harder - Fort Mohave

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss - Laughlin

Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen - Bullhead City

John & Kneisha Zimbaro - Kingman

Jesse & Barbara Pickrell - Bullhead City

John & Kathi Chilcote  - Bullhead City

James & Lisa Clark - Kingman

Ken McMurray & Jan Montgomery - Bullhead City



 1st Place - 2016 - Steve & Cathy Barajas (Ft. Mohave)  7,129.0 miles

 2nd Place - 2022 - Bob & Chris Roethler (Kingman)      5,267.3 miles

3rd Place - 2018 - Lee & Sandra Test (Ft. Mohave)         5077.4 miles

4th Place - 2017 - Dave & Debbie Dorman (Kingman)    4875.2 miles

5th Place - 2020 - Tim & Anita Reese (Bullhead City)     4790.4 miles

6th Place - 2019 - John & Bonny Meyers (LHC)               4475.0 miles

7th Place - 2021 - Cliff & Trish Scrivner ( Laughlin)        3289.0 miles

                          2022  ACTIVITIES TEAM



Activities Team:  Steve & Debbie Lynn, Tim & Anita Reese,

Bob & Chris Roethler, Frank & Regina Musumeci, 

Jesse & Barbara Pickrell, Marvene Huss & Rick Powers, 

Jack & Pat Walker, Larry & Debbie Jenkins,

Steve & Irma Karam

 Road Captains: Jack & Pat Walker, Tim & Anita Reese,

Steve & Cathy Barajas, Marvene Huss &  Rick Powers, 

Bob & Chris Roethler, Frank & Regina Musumeci


And to our Tailgunners:  Tim and Anita Reese,

Paul & Beth Hensel, Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen

 Dave and Debbie Dorman, Bob and Laurie Glass, and

Steve and Cathy Barajas


A big “thank you” to all of them!


        2022 Board of Directors      Elected &Appointed 

            For their commitment, dedication and support

Greg Attl-President, Steven Lynn-Vice President,

Bpb Schoonover-Sargeant at Arms,

Jim Zaborsky-GovernorMembership Director, Carol Dwyer-Secretary, 

Jack Walker-Treasurer, 

Steve Barajas-Membership Team, Debbie Dorman-Webmaster

Marvene Huss-Newsletter Editor & Social Media,

Bob & Laurie Glass-Activities/Fundraising

Regina Musumeci, FB Celebrations  

Anita Reese-Quartermaster,

 Pat Attl and Cathy Barajas-Quartermaster Team 


Congratulations on 25+ years as a Member of the Colorado River Corvette Club!

         Joanie Barber     
      Charter Member

DSCF8720 (2).jpg

Colorado River Corvette Club Members with 15+ years!

Greg & Pat Attl  


Bob & Barbara Rich 


Colorado River Corvette Club Members with 10+ years!

Kevin & Gloria Gilson

Kevin & Gloria Gilson.JPG

Jim Raymond   

dscf6186 (2).jpg

Howard & Barbara Foss

119728511_10221257946894633_7260681128702653937_o (2) (1).jpg

Bob Schoonover   


Judy Winner

IMG_3524 (4).JPG

Bob & Laurie Glass


Other Members with 5 or more years in the Colorado River Corvette Club:


Jack & Pat Walker 

Steve & Cathy Barajas 

Scott & Marilyn Davis 

Tim & Anita Reese 

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss 

JoAnn Leeming - 

 Horacene Daugird

Lee & Sandra Test 

Dave & Debbie Dorman

John & Bonnie Meyers

Sharon Noster

Tom & Linda Martin

Carol Dwyer

Steven & Debbie Lynn

 Sue Hinrichsen

Lilla Bergman

Linda Shreve

Steve & Irma Karam

Trish  & Cliff Scrivner

Bill & Linda Strunk

Paul & Beth Hensel

Don Reid & Georgia Eddy

Frank & Regina Musumeci

Dave & Barbara Barlow

Bob Beynon

Bill & Betty Vlahos

Ron Brown

Danny Snyder

Larry & Debbie Jenkins

Rudy Trejo

Jim Zaborsky

Ron & Sharon Ratz

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