Dear Corvette Family

I'm saddened to report that our long time friend and club member Wayne Hinrichsen passed away on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Wayne joined our club on April 8, 2017.  His CB handle "Sunshadow" complimented his beautiful C7 Long Beach Red Grand Sport which he loved driving.

Wayne was born in Bettendorf Iowa, and when he was 13 his family moved to La Mesa in Southern California. A graduate of Grossmont High School, Wayne had the honor of playing a saxophone in the Rose Bowl Parade in his senior year.  He received his bachelors degree from Long Beach State University, and worked with the Engineering team at Ryan Aeronautical in San Diego for many years.  Wayne married his first wife and adopted her three (3) children that he treated as his own.  They built a home on the Colorado River and also had two dogs and a cat.

Wayne retired from Northrop Grumman and soon took advantage of his time to enjoy off roading where he belonged to several off-road clubs, boating on the Colorado River, and of course driving his Corvette. 

Following the passing of his wife, Wayne eventually met Suzanne Glennon, a Corvette member whom he married in 2020. They loved traveling, cruising, off-roading and of course the Corvette club and all of its members.

Wayne and his lovely wife Suzanne became very active in our club and especially enjoyed road trips.  They were recognized as Roadrunner Mileage Leaders for several years, an award given for most miles traveled. Wayne also served as a Mid-Captain and Tailgunner with wife Suzanne on many of our runs.

One of my fondest memories of Wayne, and there were many, came on one of his first Corvette club road trips to Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and the Eastern Sierras.  Not knowing that we eat "three squares a day" plus snacks, we stopped in at Tom's Place off Hwy 395 south of Mammoth for a break.  Well the break became another "sit down snack fest" at which time Wayne turned to me and said "OMG we're eating again?"  I'm not sure, but I think when it was all said and done,  he put on about 10 pounds, along with the rest of us on that 12 day trip.

Wayne is survived by his wife Suzanne who was by his side, and his three children.  He was a dear friend to many of us with his great sense of humor, quick whit, his love of life, and always enjoying a good laugh.

He will be sorely missed.

Greg Attl


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                         WAY TO GO JACK!!!!




            BRIAN & STACY GRAY AND JIM ZABORSKY (not pictured)

                                       THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Congratulations to our 2021 CRCC Award Winners Shown Below
2005-01-01 01.53.20.jpg

Anita Reese
The President's Award 

A member since 2015, she has taken on many roles for this club and has volunteered her time on many committees.  Helpful in so may ways, it's hard to "not appreciate" or "take notice of her impact", and her many contributions to this club iin the short time she has been a member.  Because of her strong leadership, commitment, support and unselfish dedication to the Colorado River
Corvette Club, it is my pleasure to present this year’s President’s Award to one of this clubs most
“valued members" and a true friend…

2005-01-01 01.47.19.jpg

Laurie Glass & Steve (Stevo)Karam
Volunteer of the Year
Always volunteering to sstep up and lend a hand, regardless of the situation or the location...if it was club related or not, they were always there...asking & willing to lend a hand.  
You know them well..they are gracious, outgoing and always giving to others.  Our club is "very lucky" to have members  who are willing to help "without being asked. Two very special members - in appreciation for their dedication and support to the Colorado River Corvette Club and to ALL of us, its members.


Event Winners

2005-01-01 01.34.30.jpg

Cliff & Trish Scrivner -BHC/Laughlin Area
        30 Events   (accepted by Marvene Huss)

2005-01-01 01.32.15.jpg

Tami Korte & Don McCord -Kingman
                             22 Events

2005-01-01 01.33.13.jpg

Sharon & Dennis Noster - LHC Area
                       19 Events


Roadrunner Mileage Awards

2005-01-01 01.34.30.jpg

Cliff & Trish Scrivner - BHC/Laughlin
                        3289.1 Miles
           (accepted by Marvene Huss)

2005-01-01 01.35.28.jpg

Bob & Laurie Glass - Kingman
                   2490.5 Miles

2005-01-01 01.36.27.jpg

Sharon & Dennis Noster - LHC
                        2478 Miles

The Next Top 10 Highest Roadrunner Mile Winners from all areas:

Tim & Anita Reese - 3082.1 Miles (BHC)

Steve & Irma Karam - 2982.8 Miles (BHC)

Joanie Barber- 2830.6 Miles (BHC)

JoAnn Leeming - 2830.6 Miles (BHC)

Jim Zaborsky & Marge Parnes - 2392 Miles (BHC)

Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen - 2334 Miles (BHC)

Bob & June Beynon - 1880.7 Miles (LHC)

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss - 1855.9 Miles (Laughlin)

Yvonne Harder & Danny Billings - 1795.7 Miles (BHC)

Bob & Chris Roethler - 1735.8 Miles (Kingman)

Steve & Laree Smith - 1723 Miles (LHC)

2005-01-01 01.42.37.jpg

                                          2021“Activities Team”

Activities are the “life blood” of any club. I want to thank all of our Activity Team members who volunteered and worked so hard putting these events together whether it was a “club party”, “day run”, or a “longer weekend”, or road trip. We enjoyed everyone of them!

Director Steven & Debbie Lynn, Carol Dwyer (research) , Tim and Anita Reese, Larry and Debbie Jenkins, Steve Karam, Frank and Regina Musumeci, Jesse and Barbara Pickrell, Bob and Chris Roethler, Don and Karen Kern,

James and Lisa Clark, and Sharon Noster.

DSCF0456 (1).jpg

               2021 ROAD CAPTAINS / TAILGUNNERS


Road Captains and Tailgunners ...get us there….. and back safely. I want to take a “moment” to recognize all of them for their work…. and the pre- planning they do…. to make all of our road trips a success.


Please help me thank Road Captains: Greg Attl, Steven Lynn,

Steve Barajas, Jack Walker, Rick Powers, Tim Reese, Bob Glass, Larry Jenkins, and Terry Yager.


And to our Tailgunners: Greg and Pat Attl, Tim and Anita Reese, Paul and Beth Hensel, John and Bonnie Meyers,

Wayne and Sue Hinrichsen, Lee and Sandra Test,

Dave and Debbie Dorman, Bob and Laurie Glass, and

Steve and Irma Karam


A big “thank you” to all of them!


        2021 Board of Directors      Elected &Appointed 

            For their commitment, dedication and support

Greg Attl-President, Steven Lynn-Vice President,

Bpb Schoonpver-Sargeant at Arms,

Jim Zaborsky-Governor, Carol Dwyer-Secretary, 

Jack Walker-Treasurer, 

Steve Barajas-Membership Director , Debbie Dorman-Webmaster

Marvene Huss-Newsletter Editor & Social Media,

Bob & Laurie Glass-Activities/Fundraising

Anita Reese-Quartermaster,

 Pat Attl and Cathy Barajas-Quartermaster Team 


Congratulations on 25+ years as a Member of the Colorado River Corvette Club!

DSCF8720 (2).jpg

Joanie Barber     25 years

      Charter Member

Colorado River Corvette Club Members with 15+ years!

Greg & Pat Attl  


Colorado River Corvette Club Members with 10+ years!

Bob & Barbara Rich 


Kevin & Gloria Gilson

Kevin & Gloria Gilson.JPG

Jim Raymond   

dscf6186 (2).jpg

Bob Schoonover   


Judy Winner

IMG_3524 (4).JPG

Howard & Barbara Foss

119728511_10221257946894633_7260681128702653937_o (2) (1).jpg

Other Members with 5 or more years in the Colorado River Corvette Club:

Bob & Laurie Glass 

Jack & Pat Walker 

Steve & Cathy Barajas 

Scott & Marilyn Davis 

Tim & Anita Reese 

Rick Powers & Marvene Huss 

JoAnn Leeming - 

 Horacene Daugird

Lee & Sandra Test 

Dave & Debbie Dorman

John & Bonnie Meyers

Sharon Noster

Tom & Linda Martin

Carol Dwyer

Steven & Debbie Lynn

Wayne & Sue Hinrichsen

Lilla Bergman

Linda Shreve

Steve & Irma Karam