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Another crazy challenge thought up by our fun loving hard is it to fold a pizza box?   Well, after watching this video you can see it's not as easy as we all think, BUT it definitely provided a LOT of laughs!

Always expect the unexpected at our Club meetings...LOL!  Look who showed up at our November 2023 meeting!    The cast of Gilligan's Island!

CRCC Hot Legs  2-24-24

CRCC Hot Legs 2-24-24

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What a way to start off 2024 - Our very own CRCC

HOT LEGS CONTEST!  Omgosh, not sure we should laugh or cry ...LOL!!!  Thanks to the guys who "willingly or not so willingly" participated...we had fun at your expense and you were great sports!!!  A big thanks to our fabulous lady did great for what you had to work with...hahaha!!

CRCC is full of baseball fans! Actually, football, basketball, soccer, car racing, anything having to do with sports of any kind...LOL! 

Here is our version of "Opening Day" 2024 and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", complete with peanuts & Crackerjacks thrown out by our own Jack Walker & James Clark!  

20240316_125000 (1)_edited.jpg

"CHEERS"...One of the most celebrated and long running shows on television!  How honored we were to have the cast of this great show make an appearance at our March 2024 club meeting...CRCC style!  

Monthly General Meetings are usually held the third Saturday of each month, but may vary. Locations alternate between Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City.  Meeting locations vary in each area as we try to find venues to accommodate our ever growing membership.  Until permanent locations are determined, check below each month for information for meeting location.

Our May General Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 18th at 11AM, at the Kingman Elks Lodge, located at 900 Gates Ave. in Kingman.  There's plenty of room at our new meeting place, so come join us. LOTS of new members, so come out, meet them and welcome them to our CRCC Family. The volunteers at the Elks Lodge are excited to have our club utilize their facility and are doing whatever they can to make our experience a pleasant one, so come support them as well as they "learn" our needs.  Their aim is to please!

As always, we will have LOTS of activities to talk about and sign up for.  Our Quartermaster store will be open and the team ready to help you with your Corvette & CRCC apparel needs and wants.  And, of course, Spin to Win, Corvette Trivia, Badge It or Lose It, and our 50/50 raffle!  Who knows, there seem to always be a few surprises in store, so come and check it out!  


Hope to see y'all there! 



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