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Colorado River Corvette Club is a fun and very active car club!  We don't want to get old sitting around in our rocking chairs! No, we LOVE to drive our cars and there is lots to do, places to see, and a great big country out there to explore!  So, if you own a Corvette, love to drive it and want to have fun with some great people, then check us out!  Click on the buttons belowto get started. The Welcome Letter will explain the process of becoming a member.  There are two (2) applications to complete.  The CRCC application is your application for our local club and the NCCC application is for the National Council of Corvette Clubs.  Our club is part of the Road Runner Region within the National Council of Corvette Clubs.  All members who are part of our regional club are also required to be members of the National Council of Corvette Clubs.

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