Located in the beautiful southwest desert, the Colorado River Corvette Club makes it's home where CA, NV and AZ meet on the Colorado River.  Serving the Tri-State area, membership includes Corvette enthusiasts all along the Colorado River Valley from Kingman,AZ to Lake Havasu City, AZ and into Laughlin, NV.  The Colorado River Corvette Club is a club for those who enjoy sun, fun and fast cars!

In 2020 our Club celebrated 25 years together as a social club, meeting and making new friends, having lots of fun exploring new places and making memories from many great adventures ,all of course, while enjoying driving our Corvettes, the All American Sportscar!  

Sadly, 2020 wasn't what we planned because of COVID-19 which affected us all, BUT, we still made it a great year and had a lot of fun when we were able to gather and as always made some new friends and created some special memories. 

If you own a Corvette, love to drive it and love to have fun with a great group of people, you might be interested in joining our Club. So, this year, 2021, come to an event or a meeting and check us out...we think you'll be "hooked"! You can find all the necessary information right here on this website...we look forward to meeting you!

A check for $1000 is presented to Kathy Wollison, from The Make-A-Wish Foundation, AZ Chapter .  These funds were raised from a Quilt Raffle showcasing all 11 Corvette Clubs in the Roadrunner Region.  The quilt was made by Judy Winner, from our very own Colorado River Corvette Club.  Raffle tickets were sold to members in all 11 clubs, with the winner coming from the Corvette Club of Arizona, in the Phoenix area.  All proceeds from the raffle were donated to this very worthwhile organization.

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Track Day-C8 Autocross at Ron Fellows Spring Mountain Racetrack-Pahrump, NV

                                                  WHAT A BLAST!!!!


The Colorado River Corvette Club is proud to have the following sponsor support our club - Check out our Sponsor Page for Special Pricing on your next Corvette!

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